INTP stats!

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Info: All dates/times are UTC. These stats count an uninterrupted sequence of messages from the same author as a single message. Someone is considered "active" on a given day if they send at least one message that day.

Messages and active people over time

Messages by author

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Minutes of silence (no messages) per day

Peak msgs per minute by day

Common pairs in conversations

Estimates how much different people talk to each other, as measured by how many times their messages follow each other. Order doesn't matter; A replying to B, or B replying to A, both count as "A, B".

Total messages by day of week

Total msgs by author

Average words per message

Monologues (consecutive words)

Words following hi/hey/etc. (msgs like "hi cat")

Top lovers (msgs mentioning love)

Top penis mentioners

Top "fuck" sayers

Top laughers

People who talk about your mom

Top people linking to rickroll

Total messages by hour

Total days of activity

Percent messages edited

Monologues (consecutive msgs)

Percent letters uppercase

Top haters (msgs mentioning hate)

Top female anatomy mentioners

Top "shit" sayers

Top Godwin's Law violators

Top people talking about definitions